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Papers from the Mókus Conference

Papers from the Mókus Conference
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  • Szerkesztő
    László Kálmán
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  • This volume presents papers from the Mókus Conference organized by the Department of Theoretical Linguistics, ELTE University, Budapest between 21-23 September 2007. The conference was the outcome of a three-year project (supported by OTKA, the National Scientific Research Fund) whose aim was to explore the possibility of approaching phonological and morpho-phonological phenomena from an analogist perspective. Most of the talks were given by members of the project, and almost all participants of the conference were directly or indirectly linked to the Department of Theoretical Linguistics. The papers in the volume are grouped thematically. The first thematic block contains four papers with a phonetic centre of gravitythen four more theoretically-minded phonology papers follow, and the last two papers focus on morphological paradigms. The authors of the volume are András Márton Baló, Zsuzsanna Bárkányi, László Fejes, Zsófia Gyarmathy, László Kálmán, Zsuzsa Kertész, Zoltán Kiss, Ágnes Lukács, Dániel Szeredi, Péter Rácz, Péter Rebrus, Gábor Recski, András Rung and Miklós Törkenczy.

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